Research shows this is one of the BEST ways to track your food

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Highly effective method to track your food (2% of people do this)

October 17th, 2023

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One of the best nutrition strategies you can use?

Taking photos of your meals.

While simple in application, meal photos can provide a wealth of insight into your eating habits.

One of my favorite parts about this particular tracking system is the ease of use.

I remember when I first started tracking my nutrition.

Calories. Macros. Micros. Supplements.

It overwhelmed me.

Yet, what helped me simplify the process (and later become an entry point for me to start tracking my macros) was starting with photos.

A few snaps a day paired with an evening reflection on what I ate.

It wasn’t time-consuming.

It wasn’t hard.

It wasn’t overwhelming.

And that’s exactly why simple is more effective when it comes to nutrition strategies.

Yes, macros and micros can be sexy and appealing.

But most of us can benefit massively from some of the simpler techniques in health & fitness.

Walking. Hydration. Reducing blue-light. Sleeping well and long enough. Taking photos of food. Micro-workouts.

Simple. Easy. Sustainable.

Eastern mystics agreed with this insight as well - they would only practice techniques in their martial arts and Qi Gong that they would be able to do equally as well in their 90’s as they could do in their 30’s.

Most of us can’t sustain what we’re doing in our 30’s and 40’s and do it equally as well (or better) in our 80’s or 90’s.

Create sustainability in your vegan health and fitness journey.

Don’t burnout 1 year into your workouts or nutrition.

Keep the candle burning into your 100’s.

What works for the long-term tends to work the best.

Focus on longevity and building life-long habits that are built to last🙂


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