Struggle with emotional eating? Here's what to do:

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Struggle with emotional eating? Here's what to do:

October 24th, 2023

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I've been busier than usual the past few months.

Working with clients worldwide gives you a ton of insight into human behavior and pyschology.

What's interesting is that as humans, regardless of WHERE we live, we all have similar tendencies.

Speaking one of of our clients recently on a 1:1 session, I took notes while Rebecca shared:

‘Well Gabriel, I stress ate yesterday. Here’s what I observed…’

Reading this message last week from one of our Lv1 students inside our VFR curriculum was a lightbulb moment for Rebecca.

After years of stress eating and unconsciously self-sabotaging her progress in her weight loss and toning up results, she was DONE with living her life with the same patterns.

One of the CORE pillars that we teach inside of our level 1 program Accelerator, is the importance of self-awareness.

After years of teaching this concept, it only gets better with time.

Here’s one of the most powerful coaching concepts we teach inside of Vegan Fitness Redefined:

N - Notice
N - Name
R - Respond

Awareness ALWAYS precedes change.

Before you and I can change ANY of our behaviors, we first need to become aware of WHAT we want to change.

It’s estimated that up to 97% of our behaviors are unconscious.

Our mind LOVES what’s familiar and it also LOVES ease.

Making things automatic and unconscious saves us the effort of thinking about every little thing we do from brushing our teeth to driving our car to performance in our office.

Yet, there’s a price to pay with this ease.

We can end up creating habits that do NOT serve us or even limit and cause us to self-sabotage for YEARS.

Awareness precedes change.

Going back to the NNR 3-step process that we teach, it’s important that we start with awareness so we can start to identify what’s going on.

After that, we can begin to NAME the emotion or feeling behind our action.

Name the emotion. Name the feeling. Name EXACTLY what’s going on.

The more you bring to LIGHT what’s been hiding in the darkness - the QUICKER it loses its power on you.

Stress eating is an unconscious emotional process that many of us have hidden in the crevices of our mind.

After you name it (and ACCEPT it for what it is - since acceptance leads to change), you can now decide to RESPOND.

Respond means choosing consciously your next step.

On average it takes 67 repeated days to create a new habit (on average: 30-120 days).

Choose to respond over the next 2-4 months in a way that serves you until you start to get the new habit RIGHT.

Then, focus on lifestyle integration.

Eventually with enough time, you can end up changing your identity.

True transformation doesn't happen overnight.

But it can become permanent using the right strategies, behaviors, and mentalities.

Whenever you are in your health & fitness journey - respect the process of transformation.

The all-or-nothing mentality doesn't serve any of us.

But creating life-long transformation does.

Feel free to comment below any personal insights or reflections on this topic.

- Gabriel

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