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4 Best Fitness Tools For Busy Leaders in 2024

Published about 1 month ago • 3 min read

4 Best Fitness Tools For Busy Leaders in 2024

January 16th, 2024

2024 can be a great year.

With the right tools.

I've experimented with 100's of the best fitness and nutrition tools over the past 15 years.

Most tools are crap.

However, some rise and are the cream of the crop.

Here's how to shave 15 years off your learning curve and use the best tools to get lean and strong in 2024.

Tool #1 Chronometer

I've used Chronometer for the past 5+ years.

Over half a decade invested in a tool is a good thing.

What I like about Chronometer:

  • High-level overview for nutrition tracking (especially if you're plant-based)
  • Deep dive into micro nutrition, including vitamins, minerals, supplements, etc
  • Can set recurring and repeat meals while saving time tracking
  • Can track biometrics including bodyweight, measurements, heart rate, plus a plethora of other metrics
  • Syncs with some of my favorite trackers, including Withings, Garmin, and Fitbit

Chronometer is essentially an all-in-one nutrition tracker.

I also believe it's superior to MyFitnessPal, often touted as the best nutrition tracker.

Chronometer is also a great option if you're working with a coach or mentor due to its private coaching portal, which allows coaches to review client's nutrition logs and make nutrition adjustments for them.

We give our VFR students flexibility regarding nutrition tracking.

Still, Chronometer is one of the options available for anyone who wants the premium version of the app (covered by us) and to master their nutrition.

Tool #2 MacroFactor

MacroFactor is a relatively new tool.

The guys at Stronger By Science have been working on this tool for the past few years and created a unique product.

Unlike Chronometer, MacroFactor is built for the self-sustainable human.

It's built with specific AI tools that help auto-calculate your caloric goals while auto-adjusting macros per day/week to ensure you see sustainable progress.

While more advanced, it's a great option for those of you who are genuinely self-sufficient.

I've used MF for a few months to test it out, and while I love the interface and tracking abilities, I also enjoy being held accountable (even though I consider myself self-sufficient).

Chronometer ranks higher for me, but MF is a solid option that's improving each year with each new update.

Tool #3 StrengthLog

Before I had the VFR App (tool #4), StrengthLog was how I tracked all my weightlifting workouts.

It's a simple strength workout logger built for ease and simplicity.
It also allows you to track your sets, reps, weights, exercises, and lifts.

I used SL for nearly two years to help make sure I stayed on track with my workouts.

I also like the option they have to purchase programs built for different goals, which gives me variety and helps me simplify my training progress.

It's another solid option if you're starting your workouts this year and don't know what to do in the gym or at home.

If I had to start from scratch again, I'd use Chronometer + StrengthLog to start dropping body fat and building muscle as my success formula for tools.

Tool #4 VFR App (via Trainerize)

My favorite tool, hands down, is our VFR App.

I'm biased.

Powered by Trainerize, our Vegan Fitness Redefined App has everything I wish I had in a prior fitness tool.

  • Strength workouts & specialized programming to tone up
  • Nutrition tracking along with photo tracking to get lean (also can sync to MFP, FitBit, and Chronometer)
  • Syncs to nearly every fitness watch (Garmin, AppleWatch, FitBit)
  • 7-14 day nutrition plans built from scratch using 100' of our homemade fitness recipes to shred weight
  • Handbuilt cardio and mobility workouts
  • It has a built-in text messenger with voice notes that will be released in a few months!
  • High-level calendar overview with daily to-do list to hold you accountable to your daily checklist
  • Birds eye view of your body weight, measurements, and progress photos all in one hub to accelerate progress

It's everything I ever wanted in ONE fitness tool.

So, I'm a bit biased.

But I believe simplicity is how you can create sustainable progress.

Our goal with sharing the VFR App with active students is to simplify their tools, tracking, and progress and make it inevitable that they tone up, get lean, and be strong without living on their phones.

Less is more when you're doing the right things.

Do more of the right things in your fitness and see faster results.

Let 2024 be the best year in your health and fitness.

I'm excited to hear about your progress, too. :)

- Gabriel

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