One Supplement You Should Be Taking, Why Sitting is Causing Back Pain Worldwide (and how to fix it), and 7 Reasons to Rewire Your Subconscious NOW

One Supplement You Should Be Taking, Why Sitting is Causing Back Pain Worldwide (and how to fix it), and 7 Reasons to Rewire Your Subconscious NOW

Date: November 3rd, 2023

Read time: 5 minutes

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Officially, 3 weeks in Asheville.

Man, does it feel good to be grounded for an extended period of time.

The main bulk of this year we've spent on the road.

While we've been grounded and lived in many different areas of the States and Europe, there's something special about these past 3 weeks.

We've gone to 2 vegan community events (Asheville VegFest & Animal Haven fundraiser).

We've gone to 2 weekend local fairs while walking through city.

I've played 2 competitive soccer matches (and currently have 4 assists - not too bad for not playing competitively for the past 7 years).

Heck, I've even had the opportunity to play in a ping pong tournament (unfortunately lasted only 1 match - players are GOOD here).

Yet, in the midst of this all, people have slowed down and welcomed us in.

In the store, street, fairs, all of it.

We've felt truly welcomed in even though we're complete strangers in this new land.

It feels good.

It feels good to be part of a community that cares about you.

And it feels even better to add value to a community that cares about you.

Looking forward to creating more friendships and connections here. :)

Lesson: What you put out is what you receive. All the good that we receive in the world is a byproduct of what we're giving to others. Givers live pretty great lives.

Here is your 5 Minute Friday:

1). One Supplement You Should Be Taking

One supplement that you should be taking is liquid zinc sulfate. Nearly everyone walking on this planet is either zinc deficient or B-12 deficient (surprise, surprise - it's not just vegans).

The reason is due to our soil depletion and the onslaught of toxic chemicals that we face on a daily basis.

Our planet is no longer the same place it once was.

Our skies, water, and foods are laden with chemical products that leach into our bodies.

Even when we sleep we're hit with a barrage of petroleum-based products that we inhale for hours each night (refer to last week's letter for more insight on this).

Not to mention the amount of antibiotics and injections that are chock full of petroleum, mercury, lead, and deadly chemicals.

(ask a pharmaceutical company to show you what's inside their product, and you'll spend years waiting for an answer).

So it's no surprise that most of us are deficient in several KEY vitamins and minerals integral to bodily functions.

Today, we'll focus on zinc (B-12 could take up another letter).

Our livers need zinc for proper liver functioning and health.

In fact, zinc is responsible for over 2,000 chemical functions that happen in the liver.

Why is the liver important?

Our livers are the unsung heroes of our bodies.

They protect us from harmful bacteria, viruses, and toxic materials like heavy metals.

Zinc is the fire that fuels the liver.

Without it, we're susceptible and weaker to incoming invaders pervasive in our modern world.

Here are a few more reasons to consider bumping up your zinc:

  • Liquid zinc sulfate significantly boosts the immune system by strengthening white blood cells such as lymphocytes, basophils, neutrophils, eosinophils, macrophages, and monocytes.
  • It supports the pancreas and adrenal glands and helps stabilize glucose levels in the blood.
  • Fortifies the endocrine system—including the adrenal glands, thyroid, and thalamus—which supports neurotransmitters.
  • Critical for fertility, including for the health of a man’s sperm.

And according to this study, the following systems in our body are affected by zinc deficiency:

"Epidermal, gastrointestinal, central nervous, immune, skeletal, and reproductive systems are the organs most affected clinically by zinc deficiency."

I've been taking zinc consistently every day for the past 2 years. It's been one of the best investments in my health to help me stay healthy even amid the toxic and depleted environments we live in.

Two further notes on zinc before closing out:

  1. Most zinc supplements are useless. Instead, you want to look for liquid zinc sulfate because it's most effective in its purest form. I get all my supplements from Vimergy (no affiliation) and invest in their zinc supplement.
  2. Secondly - aim to have your zinc (or any supplement) with glucose. This will help with the absorption rate since it's one thing to take the supplement and ANOTHER to have it properly absorbed. Most supplements aren't absorbed into our bodies correctly. Taking zinc with a piece of fruit will allow the glucose (fruit) to carry the zinc quickly and effectively to your liver and other much-needed areas.

2). Why Sitting is Causing Back Pain Worldwide (and how to fix it)

80% of Americans have lower body pain (LBP).

1/3 of workers complain about back pain at least once in their life.

Nearly everyone is working from a similar posture - the seated slouched-over posture.

Sitting alone doesn't necessarily cause back pain (according to this study).

Sitting paired with poor posture, minimal activity, and not reactivating your muscular and skeletal systems is what leads to back pain.

Orthopedics in NJ states:

"It’s not just about sitting. If that was the case, almost everyone would have back pain problems. It’s sitting in an improper chair, sitting for too long, sitting in an unhealthy position, as well as ignoring these problems for far too long."

Like all things, sitting isn't a black-and-white thing.

It's a combination of different factors that leads to back pain.

So what's the solution?

Here's 3 actions steps that you can take (recommended by orthopedics above)

  1. Fix your seated posture (aka no more slouching). Here's a quick read on how to sit properly.
  2. Invest in better furniture. A remote-standing desk was one of the first things I invested in when moving into our place here in Asheville. This allows me to spend 80-90% of my day standing with the ability to bring the desk to a seated level if I'm feeling tired or eating.
  3. Strengthen your back muscles and lose weight (if needed). Our extra weight will lead to potentially pinched nerves, overworked muscles, and poor posture. Strengthening your body is an easy way to reverse pain and/or prevent it from occurring.

Prevention is the best medicine we can use.

Keep your back strong and safe.

3). 7 Reasons To Consider Rewiring Your Subconscious Mind

Ah, the subconscious mind.

We hear of it yet aren't always aware of its full potential.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief (I recommend reading) suggests:

“Most people don’t even acknowledge that their subconscious mind is at play when it is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind."

Our subconscious mind is the powerhouse behind ALL of our actions.

Everything gets stored in our subconscious mind.

This also means that there are a few things in there that might not be serving us.

Here's 7 reasons to consider rewiring your subconscious mind:

  1. It's possible that up to 95% of our thoughts, feelings, and memories live in our subconscious mind
  2. Our brains are faced with constant information, and the subconscious mind stores all this information (positive or negative).
  3. Most of what we believe about ourselves comes from prior beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that were downloaded into our subconscious mind as children
  4. Out of those downloaded behaviors that we received as children - it's estimated that up to 70% of those programs were of limiting beliefs, disempowerment, and self-sabotage.
  5. Understanding and facing your subconscious mind can free up psychic energy and give you renewed energy to fuel your day
  6. Our subconscious mind is emotional, not logical. It's why many people engage in illogical and irrational behavior even while knowing what they're doing doesn't make sense for their health.
  7. The subconscious mind is habitual. It's programmed just like a computer program and runs on autopilot as we do things repeatedly.

When creating permanent and lasting transformation in our health and body - the subconscious or unconscious mind is where we should start.

True change will always come from within.

The deep inner work takes courage to face who we truly are.

If you want to learn more about the subconscious mind, here's a deeper dive by Research Gate.

Client of the Week

Meet Liza. Busy mom of 4. Married. Closing on a new house and moving. Busy working professional. She wanted to drop 25 lbs of body fat while trimming her waist and regaining her strength.

Our strategy: We set her standard at 4 strength workouts per week, 1 cardio session per week, a moderate caloric deficit at negative ~500 k/cal per day, while refocusing on her steps and hydration.

Stress and sleep management was another key factor and we worked on ramping up her quality of sleep while decreasing the amount of negative stress in her life.

She's dropped 4 inches off her waist, 26 lbs, as well as become one of the strongest women in her gym (last leg press was at 375 lbs).

A great testimony to her character and commitment to her health even in the midst of a busy lifestyle and work.

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One Quote To Finish Your Week Strong

“Almost all of our mind is unconscious. We have to learn to communicate with that mysterious part of our mind. It has its own language, and symbols help us do that.”
- Elsa Punset

Learn why you do the things that you do.

Then, work on changing your behavior.

- Gabriel

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